OR NOT TO BE: The True Story of William Shakespeare

NOVEL (Amazon 2021)

“Things standing thus unknown…

draw thy breath in pain

To tell my story”


Or Not To Be is an extraordinary novel. It is a literary-historical detective story unlike any other in English literature. Set during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I, England looks outward to overseas expansion, while at home the struggle for power sees the presence of a large number of spies and informers who lurk in the shadows. Amidst religious and political intrigue, the Queen, a lover of literature and languages, promotes story-telling and theatrical performance. Writers are highly valued. But putting pen to paper is not a free for al. For a few who write poetry and plays, it is a dangerous vocation.

Authorship and publication were not straightforward matters. Nonetheless, out of this period in English history, comes a standard of writing hitherto unknown.

In this literary tapestry; an interweaving of verse, poetry, drama and prose, Ron Ramdin uses Artful Reason to unravel a centuries-old “mystery.” He tells the hidden story, not of a myth, but of a Man: England’s greatest Dramatist and Poet, William Shakespeare.

Above all, Or Not To Be, is a compelling novel ; a story of truth, humanity and hope.

It is a story to pass on …


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