ESSAY (Compass, 2016)

ON RESPECT FOR DIFFERENCE is a unique Essay; a revealing meditation on human relations in the modern world.
RON RAMDIN focuses on the evolutionary nature of his ideas and contradictions at the heart of the human condition. He demonstrates, through experience and his writings, the inherent complexity and challenge of writing this work on society. ON RESPECT FOR DIFFERENCE is not only of historical significance, but also a much-needed, thought-provoking text for our time and, in principle, for future reference. Given the accessible style in which it is written, this Essay should be widely read.

RON RAMDIN is a ‘pioneer,’ a long-standing and leading voice championing diversity in British society.
Born in Trinidad, he is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Historical Society.
In 1996, the University of London awarded him the Higher Doctorate – the Doctor of Literature (D.Lit). He is the author of several highly-rated books. His most recent publication is Turning Pages: The Extraordinary Autobiography of Ron Ramdin which readers have described as ‘engrossing,’ ‘inspiring,’ ‘riveting,’ a ‘masterpiece.’

‘…Today, I want to notice Turning Pages by Ron Ramdin, the Trinidadian/British writer. Its sub-title is The Extraordinary Autobiography of Ron Ramdin, and extraordinary it is, because of the author’s remarkable achievements…
Ramdin emigrated to Britain in 1962, so naturally most of this very long book…(two volumes) deals with his life there…
He’s had a distinguished career as an author, publishing books on a very wide range of subjects including two novels… Ramdin writes eloquently about the importance of the few precious books… he could lay his hands on as a boy and about the radio…(and) the cinema… All this was the foundation for Ramdin’s subsequent life-long commitment to learning and writing.’
(Professor Bridget Brereton, Emeritus Professor of History, University of the West Indies.)


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