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An audience at the TUC with Ron Ramdin (with Roger Mackenzie)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘The Making of The Black Working Class in Britain’ by Ron Ramdin the TUC Race Relations Committee  organised this event featuring Ron Ramdin in conversation with Roger McKenzie, Assistant General Secretary of UNISON.
The Event took place on Saturday 16 April 2016, 6-8pm
Trade Union Congress, 23-28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS
Conversation followed by a panel discussion with Margaret Busby (publisher), Marika Sherwood (educator and author) and S.I. Martin (historian, journalist and writer). online magazine


Black champion who is little known outside of book world
(profile of Ron Ramdin by Clara Arokiasamy on The, 1st August 2009)

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On 10th December 2000 the ITV network broadcast a programme entitled ‘The UNKNOWN SOLDIERS’, a documentary which recently won a Royal Television Society award as well as the National ‘Race and Media’ Award for ‘Best Factual Television Film’ from the Commission for Racial Equality.

In numerous interviews I was called upon to provide the historical background to the experience of Commonwealth soldiers who fought for ‘King and country’ during two world wars. The programme interviews many surviving ex-servicemen and women and examines their experiences, both good and bad, while in the forces and also after the war. This neglected history has finally been brought to light in an attempt to persuade the British military and political establishments that recognition of the contribution and sacrifice made by such soldiers is long overdue. RR
Ron Ramdin has also taken part in numerous television programmes including the C L R James Lecture on Channel 4; a Paul Robeson documentary made by a New York-based television company; Granada Television’s ‘The Unknown Soldiers’, (see above also) originally broadcast in the Granada region on Remembrance Day 1999; ‘Chattri’, in the History Quest series of programmes for BBC Knowledge; in Trinidad, live 45 minute interviews for TV6 and Trinidad and Tobago Television.


Ramdin has been interviewed on numerous radio programmes including Caribbean Magazine on the BBC World Service; the BBC’s ‘Black Londoners’ programmes; the Brian Hayes Interview, LBC radio; Greater London Radio; BBC Glasgow; BBC Cardiff; the BBC’s Paul Robeson Anniversary programme; reading his ‘Open letter to a cousin’ on the 150th anniversary of the arrival of East Indians in Trinidad, for BBC Radio 4’s In Living Colour programme; various live radio broadcasts in Trinidad. He gave the historical overview on ‘The Forgotten Soldiers’, the Armistice Day broadcast presented by Sir Trevor MacDonald on Radio 2 in 2000.

Ramdin has worked as a BBC journalist for the well known Caribbean Magazine programme, interviewing, amongst others, David Lane, the first Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, and Trevor MacDonald. As a biographer and historian he has been a guest on many BBC and other radio programmes.


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