Ron Ramdin Honoured in London

RON RAMDIN was honoured at a Special Event in Brixton Town Hall on Friday 14th December as a Pioneer and Champion by the Windrush ’70 Foundation. He is a pioneering writer and ‘outstanding Thinker of our time.’ In scope and depth, through sixteen books, spanning seven genres (including a play featuring Sam Wanamaker, Paul Robeson and Shakespeare’s Othello) he has created a NEW PATH in British and World Literature. His book TURNING PAGES: The Extraordinary Autobiography of Ron Ramdin is rated by readers as ‘absorbing,’ ‘riveting’, a ’masterpiece’. Given his long-standing literary career encompassing the period from mid-20th to the … Continue reading Ron Ramdin Honoured in London

Ron Ramdin

Welcome to my personal web site which I hope will facilitate better communication between myself, friends and colleagues throughout the world. In these pages I hope to be able to give visitors, whether here by accident or design, as much information about my life and work as they require, whatever their purpose. I want to make more accessible to a wider audience samples of my work, news of work in progress and to put these in the context of a life which has spanned continents, been enriched by association with people from a huge diversity of professions and beliefs and … Continue reading Ron Ramdin